BabyTV, ClinicTV, ProInfo TV – What’s in a name?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

ProInfo TV for medical waiting rooms

BabyTV, ClinicTV and ProInfo TV – all screen networks; in the UK, Romania (Bucharest) and Germany respectively that are installed in hospitals, medical waiting rooms or clinics of some sort.

Let’s forgive the fact that they have all decided to brand their channel with the “TV” suffix for one minute (though out of all the sectors of high impact/retail/captive audience – it is the Captive Audience sector that these three obviously come under that most allows that suffix – well sort of).

Three different approaches to naming;

BabyTV aimed at expectant mothers. Baby’s don’t watch it of course but the name works!! “Expectant-Mothers.TV” wouldn’t work of course. I jest but the name describes the audience. Once you are told where out of home you can see BabyTV, the name makes sense.

BTW as reported earlier by AKA.TV, BabyTV in the UK have announced that their network is growing, with screens being installed at 110 more hospitals.

ClinicTV is a new Scala powered network in Bucharest, rolled out to forty
(40) private medical clinics. Like other waiting room networks it is designed to entertain and inform patients who are waiting for their medical appointment.

A “clinic” is best described as a small medical facility. The name describes where the network can be found. The name is not as ‘catchy’ as BabyTV but again it works. You would expect ClinicTV to be found in small medical facilities.

Which leads me onto ProInfo TV. I have attached the press release from the software guys at tellitec.

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ProInfo TV is designed for waiting rooms in medical practices, clinics and hospitals, the network is also known as ProArzt TV ((Arzt is the German word for Doctor)

ProInfo TV / ProArzt TV looks like it could be a useful network.

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