ScreenExpo 2008 Network Owner’s Pavilion

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Are there too many Digital Signage events?

Judging by some of the recent events I have attended across Europe over the last 3 months, I would say “that there needs to be a shake up in the event industry” – far too many organisers are out to make a quick ‘buck’ whilst the sector is hot, without giving too much focus on the needs of the attendee or the exhibitor.

Having said that I am looking forward to: –

a. Digital Signage Asia 2007, which will be held in Mumbai, India, 21-22 November

b. Screen Expo 2008, London, UK, 5-6 February 2008

c. Digital Signage Expo 2008, to be held in Essen, near Dussleforf, Germany, 6-8 May 2008

Just so everyone is clear and you know where I stand, I am (now) slightly involved with the organisation of ScreenExpo 2008…

ScreenExpo started back in 2006 and the event next year will be the third. It has grown organically, not trying to be too big too soon. I was a BIG critic of the first event in 2006 (I didn’t manage to get to 2007 due to last minute surgery = ouch, but I did hear VERY favourable reviews – especially from the non-UK exhibitors who ranked it incredibly highly).

2008 is looking good so far. One of the areas I suggested was a “Network Owner’s Pavilion” – a group area whereby screen network owners can each take a small or medium sized stand to create a walk thru ‘Pavilion’ style arena.

With enough network owners, the Pavilion becomes a focal point for ALL brands, media planners, media buyers, advertising agencies etc.

Network’s confirmed so far for the Pavilion include: –

– Pointfour who will showcase DecisionVision
– CanMedia who will showcase The Life Channel (the largest stand taken)
– Obus plc who will showcase IntaTV and SalonInteractive
– Insight Media who will showcase “glasses free 3D” and 3DXscape.TV
– who showcase their excellent MatchDay Media offering
– Pharmacy Channel
– Big Media Group
– Mood Media

For the Pavilion to work, we probably need another 2 or 3 network owners… so network owners GET IN TOUCH!!!

One of the benefits of taking space in the Pavilion is the opportunity also to speak/present in the nearby Network Owners Presentation Theatre.

Pavilion users will also get access to the onsite meeting rooms at the show.

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