900 NEC Displays At McCarran Airport

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

NEC Display Solutions of America will be prominent on June 27 when McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas opens its new $2.4 billion No. 3 terminal – the largest modern public works project in Nevada history – that features more than 900 NEC large-screen displays and 800 single-board computers.

The digital signage will provide many of the airports 41 million annual visitors with flight, baggage and wayfinding information, directories and airline branding. plus security checkpoints, gate-holding areas and check-in counter information.

A total of 182 46” screens and 723 40” screens will be installed for the project. NEC’s single board computers will be deployed with the digital screens and reside in the slot options of NEC’s P series displays. Having the computers reside within the monitors addresses the challenge of where to house the source computers for flight information displays mounted high on walls or in the air on pedestals.

David Bourgon, manager IT services at McCarran Airport, is familiar with NEC, as more than 1,000 NEC displays are already in use in terminals one and two. He says, “NEC’s digital signage will be instrumental in guiding our visitors through the new facility and creating lasting, positive experiences and memories.”

The 1.9-million sq.-ft., 14-gate facility will be home to nearly two dozen international and domestic airline carriers that fly to Las Vegas. McCarran Airport flies an average of 114,000 passengers a day and handles more than 500 tons of cargo.

“Employing 1,800 people at its peak, the McCarran Terminal 3 project positions Las Vegas for the demanding growth in international and domestic travel, and our region as the premier tourism destination,” says Bourgon.

Selected for their quality and reliability, NEC P series models are designed to operate 24/7 in the most demanding environments.

“NEC has built a reputation for innovation and leadership in digital signage, and we’re grateful for the confidence that McCarran Airport officials continue to place in us,” says Keith Yanke, director of large-screen displays and projectors at NEC Display Solutions. “Las Vegas and its hospitality industry are home to many NEC technologies, and we welcome our role in helping make Las Vegas a top tourist destination in the world.”

“The decision to use NEC displays in our new terminal turned out to be an easy one,” says Bourgon. “Since we began using NEC products in 2006, we have been extremely satisfied with their performance and durability.”

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