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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Still a work in progress and horrible it looks as well BUT here’s and The Screen’s attempt at an online UK resource for digital out of home networks – see

This is nothing but a very thinly disguised version of the DOOHAN directory that we put together a few years ago – it’s horribly out of date mind you – the DSN / Zavvi network went a few days ago when Zavvi went into administration but folks as well like Brightspace Media haven’t done anything for ages and the supplied PDF does nothing for the likes of CBS Outdoor (who don’t even feature!!!), Clear Channel, JC Decaux and Titan.

Welcome to FootFall_Directories directory of Out of Home Digital Media Advertising Networks.

The screen-media advertising sales market is growing steadily as new networks are announced on a regular basis. Whilst many networks handle their own media sales a number of specialist media sales agencies have emerged to represent network owners and operators.

This directory provides details of the various screen-media networks hosting third party paid advertising in the UK together with both the network owner’s contact details and their media sales agents.

As with any directory, information can change quickly and users are advised to contact relevant parties directly for the latest information – the Screen is not able to and does not warrant the accuracy of the information provided.

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  1. Anne Says:

    I take from the above article that you are not very fond of AKA then…
    Until the article I didn’t realize that AKA is your competitor 🙂

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