Not Magic Monkey then…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Professional Solutions, Sony Europe have just announced that they have created a “Giant HD wall for World Duty Free in Terminal 5”

Our understanding is that this was a very, very late deal – the original idea for the large screen that underpins the World Duty Free shop design was for a screen from Magic Monkey. We understand that thermal issues and fire regulations put paid to that and at the (relatively) last minute the consultants in charge of the project had to scratch around for an alternative. – which as we see here is a Sony solution.

As the other digital signage vendor that was (initially) in at World Duty Free for a short time was thrown off site a few weeks back and is now, despite several pleas for leniency and a request to re-install everything and start again, is no longer involved in the project it looks like, as we originally reported a month or so ago that World Duty Free is now a 100% Sony ONLY installation – big screen, small screens, players etc., etc.

So we say “well done Sony”. You always get what you pay for and you can always rely on companies like Sony to be professional, methodical and committed.

The big screen is seven metres wide by four metres high – comprising 24 x 40” hi-definition Sony LCD screens mounted in portrait and landscape formats – creating the equivalent of one giant -high-resolution display.

The 24 screens will be controlled by a ‘Jupiter’ media controller, enabling advertisements to be displayed as individual images on each screens or stretched across a combination of screens or displayed on all 24 if required.

About Professional Solutions, Sony Europe

Professional Solutions Europe (PSE), a division of Sony United Kingdom Limited, is a leading supplier of solutions for broad horizontal communications, AV/IT, as well as magnetic and optical storage. PSE’s market segment solutions, service and support packages are targeted at organisations in the Healthcare, Media, Network Video Monitoring, Retail, Transport and Large Venue sectors. Device components such as camera sensors and modules, displays, batteries and semiconductors are targeted at OEM manufacturers and system integrators. Sony’s Professional Solutions business offers its customers access to the expertise and local knowledge of skilled professionals in every European country, as well as “best of breed” hardware, services and resources from other organisations. For more information please visit

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