C-47 Skytrains Fail To Unload Carpet At Tempelhof Airport

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

“Have You Gone To ‪#InfoComm12‬ By Default?” we wrote earlier this week and we continue that theme with news and some pictures of the so-called Digital Signage Expo KIOSK EUROPE EXPO which also took place in Berlin this week…

As you can see from the pictures above and below the two day event was extremely well attended…

And for some reason, the organisers didn’t have enough carpet for all of the exhibitors…

So, a busy week for shows and if it wasn’t for #dsj2012 in Tokyo we would have been at the FEPE Annual Congress in Milan, or at the dentist having all of our teeth extracted, or at #InfoComm12 (though frankly one would have seen nothing that was not already shown at #ISE2012 in Amsterdam in February) rather than being in Berlin for KIOSK EUROPE EXPO.

No news yet on a date for FEPE’s Annual Congress in 2013 but we do know that it will be held in Berlin. If you are in the OOH / DOOH world it’s fast becoming a must attend event, the Davos-of-OOH as we call it and it’s already pencilled in for our Travelogue for 2013.

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  1. Herman Hesse Says:

    The message that DSX is sending to the market by choosing the Station Venue http://station-berlin.de/ is not the best one.

    This is an Off Location, great for Blogger Conferences and Off Fashion shows and so on BUT attempting to organize a long running tech show like the Kiosk Expo in such an unfinished, somewhat crappy enviroment gives first time visitors the impression that this is “not a serious market”.

    It was not cool or Berlin hip at all (which may have been what was intended) – especially the not working toilets in the exhibition hall at day 2!

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