#dsj2012 Chris Shields Buys A Bottle Of Pocari Sweat

Alex Hughes

Not only have we got to see many different forms of digital signage and digital out of home in Tokyo at both the #dsj2012 show and generally out and about – we have also managed to ‘experience’ and interact with a lot of it as well this week.

Earlier today we recorded a short video clip of my business partner Chris buying a bottle of water from one of the many digital vending machines dotted around Shibuya station (near where we are staying).

What we like about this digital experience is that it is full of real life semantics and from an interactive perspective is simple and intuitive to use.

You select your product, there is a short piece of video advertising while you put your money in, then the bottle virtually ‘drops’ down the screen to the vending slot at the same time as the bottle is delivered in reality – all synchronised perfectly!

It is great fun to use and the content and interactivity is very clean, simple and effective. Just don’t choose a bottle of ‘Pocari Sweat‘ – we can both attest to the fact that it tastes horrible!


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  1. TheVok Says:

    Well, if you were expecting water, of course it would taste horrible. It’s not water. It’s more like Gatorade or Powerade.

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