BrightSign Adds Commercial Audio Distribution Product

Andrew Neale

BrightSign, LLC announced this week, the BrightSign AU320, a new commercial audio distribution product that further expands the company’s portfolio of digital signage solutions.

The AU320 is a networkable audio solution that integrates messaging playback and background music in retail outlets and other commercial settings.

“While people don’t often realise it consciously, audio is pervasive in commercial settings and it directly influences our frame of mind when we’re visiting those businesses,” said Jeff Hastings, BrightSign CEO.

“From upbeat background music at retail outlets that puts us in the mood to purchase, to relaxing music in a doctor’s office that soothes our nerves, background audio significantly impacts our experience visiting those businesses.”

The AU320 is a scalable solution that enables everything from simple background music to single-zone audio that integrates with and complements even the most robust digital signage implementations.

Key features of the new BrightSign AU320 include:-

  • Background Audio: upload playlists by simply publishing to an SD card or uploading via a network connection
  • Content Compatibility: supports a wide range of licensed content and custom audio playlists; supports audio file formats including MP2, MP3, ACC and WAV
  • Synchronised Audio/Video: integrates music and messaging with digital signage to deliver a cohesive audio/video experience
  • Signature Reliability: solid-state architecture eliminates bothersome downtime typical of PC-based installations
  • Simple Administration: BrightAuthor software and free networking options require minimal technical skills for updates and management – no need for professional IT or A/V support

Surprisingly to many, BrightSign is not new to the world of networked commercial audio distribution – an alternate BrightSign player has been available for the past year to select customers as a custom audio solution.

One such customer is a major national department store chain that is using BrightSign to enrich the shopping experience by enabling shoppers to earn loyalty points and receive daily discounts.

The new BrightSign AU320 will be available in August 2012.

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