Virtual Anna In Rabobank

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Let us introduce you to ‘Anna’ – the tallest interactive avatar in the Netherlands (in fact we are not quite sure if she may actually be the tallest in any country?) – the whole projection, put together by CityScape Media is 1.2 meters wide and 2.22 meters high.

It’s all interactive and is combined with various sound-showers and was put together for Rabobank’s ‘branch of the future’ (Rabobank of course already have an impressive 500+ Scala network).

ANNA is described as “a virtual, life-sized and fully interactive avatar who looks you in the eye” – sounds somehow kinky doesn’t it or is that just us?

She also talks to you when you click on a symbol or icon next to her, NOW that is scary!!!

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