Neo Booking SA Launches

Chris Sheldrake

Blimey, it’s proving to be an incredibly exciting start to the New Year. Today sees the official launch of Neo Advertising’s BookingDOOH – something we have been talking to you about since July 2007 and were doing ‘friends and family’ style beta testing of back in December.

This is an initiative as you may well know by now then that we find incredibly exciting – led by one of the only truly global organisations in the industry AND one that we have the utmost respect for.

BookingDOOH is described as the ‘first global online booking platform for « digital-out-of-home » advertising’ – which most certainly it must be.

BookingDOOH is a free virtual marketplace where digital-out-of-home operators and media buyers meet. Screens networks are referenced in an easy-to-use and friendly manner so that media buyers can plan, book and pay their future campaigns in a few clicks.

With the launch of the BookingDooh platform, digital-out-of-home advertising is entering a new era. BookingDooH will bring additional revenues to network advertisers and at the same time allow media buyers to drastically simplify the set up of their DooH campaigns. BookingDooH proposes thousands of screen displays on a single platform and organizes them by geographical location, type of venues and screen formats.

With BookingDooH, network operators are able to promote their DooH network throughout the world and collect additional advertisement revenues. Media buyers entering the BookingDooH platform discover a Google-like platform where thousands of DooH networks are on display.

Christian Vaglio-Giors, Founder and CEO of Swiss Neo Media Group told us first “BookingDOOH’s objective is to support the entire DOOH market by proposing a user-friendly platform that brings together and harmonizes different types of DooH networks”

He added “It’s ultimate aim is to faciliate the planning and booking process of DooH campaigns.”

Neo Booking SA, a Neo Media Group company neatly described to us what significance it thinks that the new BookingDOOH platform will bring to the industry…

  1. Free online access
  2. Unlimited number of potential clients
  3. Vast choice of DOOH networks
  4. Instant booking from any place on earth
  5. Content can be uploaded directly to the platform
  6. Unique virtual marketplace to compare offers
  7. New opportunities from a wide range of advertisers

We will cover how the likes of SeeSaw missed their opportunity (to be global) and what BookingDOOH needs to do in order to work with Media Buyer’s own initiatives like Posterscope’s PRISM) later but for now we leave you (hopefully) with a sense of things maybe about to change in the industry.

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