Daktronics Expanding Globally

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Daktronics, located in Brookings, South Dakota, is adding three more international subsidiary offices to support its partners and customers, with Singapore, Brazil and Spain due to open before the end of the year.

These locations were identified due to the growing demand for Daktronics systems and services within the regions of Southeast Asia, South America and Southern Europe. In each region, the company has chosen locations for both strong business potential as well as local presence, thereby positioning the company to better serve and support its growing customer base.

“These three offices are the latest to open internationally since Daktronics first international office opened in Canada in 2000,” says Reece Kurtenbach, Daktronics international executive vice-president. “We will now have offices in 13 countries worldwide. There has been a steady increase in our international business, and our local presence has been critical for this success. Our international office locations have helped Daktronics serve and support customers on a world-wide level, and the next three promise to enhance that service and support.”

Daktronics has previously opened offices in Germany (2003); Hong Kong and the United Kingdom (2004); Dubai, Shanghai and Beijing (2006); France and Macau (2007); Australia (2008); and Japan (2010).

In other news, the company has recently released Visiconn 3.0 which contains features that significantly enhance the capabilities of Daktroniks’ Visiconn Display Management Solution – a secure, web-based control system that allows complete digital display management from anywhere in the world.

Visiconn 3.0 is equipped with features such as Mozilla Firefox support, display zoning support and a new, simplified, playlist-centric scheduling interface that complements the existing sales-based scheduling system.

“The inclusion of Mozilla Firefox support really expands the reach to more web browsers and computing platforms since Firefox is supported by Mac OS operating systems,” says Rich Hintz, video products engineering manager, Daktronics.

The simplified scheduling feature allows video system owners who don’t use third-party sales to more easily navigate and schedule their displays through the Visiconn software. Likewise, the display zoning feature makes it easier for video system owners to show multiple types of content simultaneously, giving them more flexibility in their content playback schemes.

The Visiconn Display Management Solution is accessible by any computer with an internet connection. Users are given direct, instant access to content management, content scheduling, and display network security and monitoring tools.

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