Scala Software Powers Digital Signage At Rio Summit

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Scala Inc.’s software powered digital signage at the recent People’s Summit in Rio +20 for Social and Environmental Justice, which took place in late June in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

To support a sustainable event, summit organizers selected digital signage as a green technology solution for disseminating daily summit news and events including lecture schedules.

The People’s Summit took place in Flamengo Park, alongside the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development – Rio +20. Aiming to promote all events at Rio +20, The People’s Summit included ‘TV People’s Summit’, which distributed content through a Scala software-based digital signage platform.

Each day of the summit, a film crew, journalists and others provided content of recorded events, which was edited using templates created with Scala Designer and sent to a Scala content management server for playlist distribution. The content was displayed on multiple LED screens and televisions throughout Flamengo Park via Wi-Fi connections to Scala Players. The digital signage project was developed by Scala partner JBTec Digital Signage and RJ21 Communication and also in partnership with Rio StudioLine..

“The project was a success with thousands of people having watched over 250 videos that were created and distributed,” says Mauricio Teixeira, director at RJ21 Communication. “Major summit events were quickly available on the screens for everyone to see.”

Oscar Elizaga, senior vice- president, Americas, Scala Inc., says, “This digital signage project clearly shows the power of Scala software, providing a robust, flexible environment to develop broadcast-quality content quickly as well as stability and security for distributing that content throughout multiple displays. The project demonstrates the technical innovation and skills JBTec brings to the Brazilian market.”

If the project were carried out today, JBTec we guess would not have used Scala for this install. They effectively defected to Signagelive back in early July.

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