First Harris And Now Cisco (Cross ’em Off Your List)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The facts are that Cisco has killed its direct sales force within its DMS Business unit (as part of the most recent round of job cuts at Cisco) and despite the semi-official line that the product has been “grown into the greater Cisco” and that the product(s) are not going away rumours are in actual fact very, very different.

We all know what happens when a corporate digital signage product line is moved to ‘partners’ (the answer is “nothing”) – witness Harris Broadcast and specifically in Europe where it simply threw its product at PSCo.

Whilst the official line is that Cisco DMS is still available through distribution we hear, and are not too surprised to hear, that they are not even trying to do that.

Whether one rumour we hear is actually true, that the Cisco DMS product has effectively been mothballed, or not, like with Harris Broadcast they are a wannabee digital signage solution you can all but forget about.

This all makes a mockery of events back in June when Frost and Sullivan published their ‘Global Digital Signage Systems Market‘ report which put Cisco at number one in the market with 14.2% of the market – NEVER in a million years is that figure accurate and anyone with a modicum of industry knowledge would know that.

Oh and as Irene Sandler, Senior Marketing Manager, Cisco Emerging Video Solutions Marketing said in her June blog post “We don’t just explore new markets. . . we win them … Good job, kids!” – yes Irene what a good job you all did.

3 Responses to “First Harris And Now Cisco (Cross ’em Off Your List)”

  1. Johnny Paycheck Says:

    There is nothing like declaring victory by uncorking a bottle of 2012 Frost & Sullivan Cuvee Integrity Champagne, is there?

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  3. John Morgan Says:

    Ah yes, those Frost & Sullivan awards…

    I was once “awarded” ‘North American Digital Signage Company of the Year’ by them.

    It felt good to be recognized, but it sure wasn’t cheap…

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