3 Month Old @Enplug Features In Forbes

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Enplug (who we featured here back in January 2012) are going to have to explain to us again why they are, we quote “a tech company that is building the first real-time advertising platform for the physical world” when anyone conversant with the industry pretty much knows that many vendors and network operators have that infrastructure in place already.

Just why they figure they need to spend their investment money re-inventing the wheel and building all their software from scratch is another story but why oh why oh why do they seem to think that with 700+ vendors and products on the market they are in any way unique in “tackling outdated digital signage technology”.

Anyway, we see that they got featured in Forbes, ‘LA Startup Goes from 0 to 100mph In Three Months‘ and whilst that’s no mean feat we cannot help but feel that article writer, Samantha Smith was writing about something she knew little about AND simply drank all Enplug’s Kool-Aid.

The article enthuses over the claim that Enplug “had contracts to install the Enplug TV in over 2,000 venues in three weeks, and had 6-figure revenue contracts with advertisers after a month” however I think all those with industry experience will know what a ‘contract’ really is and would doubt the authenticity of such amounts for advertising.

We are all for small startups succeeding in this industry (though we all know what struggles they go through) BUT let’s not re-invent the wheel, let’s listen to past experience. Enplug ought to get their arses to some conferences and trade shows and if they are really serious about the industry join some associations.

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  1. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    So 2000 sites at $5000 each inc installation and a six figure contract.

    So $10m of costs and $0.01m of revenue. Hope someone has deep pockets… Not to mention a team of 4 software devs pictured costing about $120k a year each (with desk and tools)…

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