Will You Marry Me?

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

She said, “Yes!” – after being totally surprised with a marriage proposal on the ad network at Montreal’s Eaton Centre.

On Saturday, Aug. 18, Frank Bernardo and his girlfriend, who had taken a weekend visit from Toronto to Montreal, went shopping in midtown where all the network screens at the Eaton Centre and adjacent malls sported the couple’s picture and Bernardo’s proposal.

Bernardo had arranged in advance to have his important question run via Pattison OneStop’s AdShop. Mainly geared to help smaller or regional businesses to buy DOOH, a small/local advertiser can buy the specific Pattison Onestop media location(s) that are relevant to them (priced according to audience).

Once they’ve selected their preferred media locations, they enter the Ad Shop’s proprietary Content-Development-Module. The CDM enables them to browse and select from hundreds of creative templates, at no additional cost. Advertisers choose the templates that appeal to them and within minutes, lock and upload their own, custom advertising message.

Bernardo chose his template and creative and, Voila!

We understand that the whole thing cost him less than $100. That’s even less than dinner and wine at a fancy restaurant – but we hope they got that in, too!

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