PRN’s Pyrrhic (7-Eleven) Victory

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

On Tuesday PRN issued a press release titled ‘7-Eleven® TV Taps Premier Retail Networks (PRN) as Exclusive Ad Sales Representative‘ – something which is misleading (or disingenuous at best) unless you know all the details…

First, let’s look at the facts:-

  1. DDN (who appointed PRN, NOT 7-Eleven) were formally notified of contract violation by 7-Eleven at the beginning of August
  2. Previous exclusive advertising sales representative ABC Regional Sports and Entertainment Sales was likely dumped (again by DDN, not by 7-Eleven) as a likely ‘fall-guy’
  3. (importantly) PRN were signed up by DDN and NOT by 7-Eleven

It’s relatively easy to construct a case where DDN is trying to ‘save’ the business by blaming others – undoubtedly they will go back to to 7-Eleven and say “see what we did? …. give us more time”.

Bottom line DDN’s approach to the 7-Eleven network is (still) behind schedule, in contract termination mode and whether they switch from ABC to PRN still not workable.

The network is dead and in our humble opinion 7-Eleven will still ditch DDN (and by implication Harris) at the end of the month.

PRN should know better with whom to stick their brand.

2 Responses to “PRN’s Pyrrhic (7-Eleven) Victory”

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  2. Another prediction Says:

    Things just got even more spotty over at PRN. They’ve just hired 7-Elevens head of sales to lead their sales team and are getting rid of some of their seasoned sellers. PRN seems to be on a fast downward spiral these days.

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