7-Eleven TV Ad Sales Rep Named

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Digital Display Networks Inc., New York-based creator and operator of the fast-growing 7-Eleven TV, has signed ABC Regional Sports and Entertainment Sales as the exclusive advertising sales representative for the digital out-of-home network expected to reach 200 million shoppers monthly by June 2012.

The agreement covers a wide array of advertising opportunities available as 7-Eleven TV expands its current 24/7 operations in 1,100 convenience stores to more than 6,200 locations next year. At scale, 7-Eleven TV will become one of the largest digital out-of-home television networks in the United States.

7-Eleven TV programming is customized for demographics, locations and dayparts, with content that includes national and local weather, plus news and entertainment. Up to 20 ads run hourly, in 7-to-15 second formats, promoting in-store and out-of-store brands. Each store features two strategically placed LCD HDTV monitors and directional audio to attract customers to the network.

“Our aim is to offer 7-Eleven customers compelling information at the point where they are making purchase decisions,” says David Veckerelli, co-CEO with Darren Mann of DDN. “With its track record, innovative strategies and far-reaching contacts, ABC RSES is the ideal firm to help us maximize network revenue.”

John Watkins, president of ABC National Television Sales, which includes the ABC RSES rep unit, says, “As 7-Eleven TV continues its massive rollout in the coming months, advertisers will have the breakthrough opportunity to reach unprecedented numbers of convenience-store shoppers across America. We look forward to working closely with DDN to tap the tremendous potential of the 7-Eleven TV platform.”

“More akin to the scale of broadcast networks, 7-Eleven TV’s expansion signals the arrival of a DOOH advertising platform that can efficiently and effectively motivate nationwide purchase decisions by a significant portion of American consumers,” says Mann.

Gerald Griffin, senior vice-president, ABC RSES, says, “We look forward to representing this powerful network and believe our clients will not only benefit from its unprecedented scale but also from its primary young male demo that is coveted by advertisers and often difficult to reach.”

7-Eleven TV is powered by Harris Technology.

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