Digital Washrooms

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

First there was Warner Howard with a 100+ site rollout of digital posters in washrooms (aka loo’s, toilets, WC’s !!!).

That network disappeared earlier this year, after being bought for a short while by PHS – but was then allowed to die (quietly).

Now, CPA Ltd., the washroom advertising specialist has just launched its first digital washroom. It’s supposed to be a secret where it is – it’s in a Pub in London and consists of 7 small screens powered by one PC with a bespoke CMS.

Looks quite nice actually.

What should make this network work when it grows is that CPA are already one of the top 3 washroom advertising specialists in the UK market – so they have a ready made media audience in which to sell (digital).

If I can manage to take some pictures in the toilet 😉 I will upload some images.

I am interested in knowing if anyone else has seen digital washrooms across Europe, Middle East and Africa (please send me any information)

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