#DSInvestor Attendees (Nice Cross Section)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Having spent the morning booking flights and hotels for the whole team for NYC #DpbMedia week coming up in October we were feeling rather poor (well our bank balance was) so we needed to work on some afternoon activities that might cheer us all up.

Speed Dating October 2011

Flights to Munich for Oktoberfest was one way (done) and another way was to print out and read through the registered attendees for #DSInvestor and take a look at who we’d meet this time around.

Registrations for #DSInvestor are much stronger than this time last year and as usual we have a great cross selection of investors, networks, vendors and eco-system folks.

The event is as usual one for senior execs and we see the likes of CEO, EVP Sales Operations and Partnerships, VP Business Development, Creative Director, Managing Member, Managing Director, General Manager, Account Executive, President & CEO, CFO, SVP OOH Activation Director, Director – Business Development – Managed Services, Business Innovation Manager, VP of Sales, Director of Corporate Development, Director of Business Operations, Commercial Director, General Manager and Chairman all registered.

As well as loads of returning attendees we see an awful lot of ‘newbies’ – no doubt with Steve Nesbit as co-chair and a perfect bunch of speakers it’s going to be a wonderful two days in the middle of a great week in New York City.

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