The Art of Outdoor Digital Competition (First Prize)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Glue Isobar won first prize in this year’s Art of Outdoor Digital Competition for ‘Yaris Hybrid

Glue Isobar set out to demonstrate the appeal of the supermini Yaris Hybrid by creating an installation which was simple, fun and energy efficient. By partnering with PaveGen, a company which harvests energy from footsteps, the campaign deploys PaveGen’s floor tiles to demonstrate the power of renewable energy. Using Ocean’s Eat Street location to showcase Toyota’s newest hybrid car, shoppers walking past the screen and over the tiles are helping to create some of the energy to power the screen. Each time a level of energy is recycled, a Yaris Hybrid is ‘released’ to give one lucky shopper a free ride home. To qualify for a lift, all they need to do is check in with their friends to the Yaris Facebook page.

The judges praised the entry as “a pure idea, visually presented. We have seen a new way to do interaction. Walking on something is quite unique and the use of the energy recycling tiles drives home what is a really big and clever idea”

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