#dse2013 Keynote Panel Looks To Future

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Digital Signage Expo has announced that its Thursday, February 28 Keynote, ‘Digital Signage 2020: Eyes on the Future’, will be presented by a ‘thought leadership’ panel of four prominent industry experts: Curt Bailey, president, Sundberg-Ferar Inc.; Tim Huckaby, founder and chairman, InterKnowlogy; Christine Outram, creative director, Re:Imagine Group; Jared Schiffman, founder and CEO, Perch Interactive Inc..

In keeping with the conference theme, Innovation Inspires, the panelists will share their vision of how technological advancements will inspire change and how these changes will shape the future of the digital signage industry, including their thoughts on the following:

  • Product Design Evolution: “Every product that has a control panel seems to be moving towards a digital touch display, almost always associated with web or mobile device apps, connectivity and/or social media links. Screens are getting larger and processors are getting faster. Larger screens are driving changes to traditional form factors on products. User experience (UX) with products is a whole new game. At the same time, purchase decision criteria and product pricing strategies are changing as alternative revenue streams emerge.” – Curt Bailey
  • Interface Advancement: “Multi-touch is now a prevalent method of interaction with digital content systems, but the next big thing is Natural User Interface (NUI), which is more than touch: It’s physical and virtual object interaction. Tracking full-body movement, facial expression and voice with motion-based interfaces that precisely capture common gestures will soon be commonplace followed closely by user interface and voice-capable systems that use multi-array microphones that can uniquely distinguish audio and voices. Within a decade, we will have true non-invasive, neural-capable systems manifested in conscious and non-conscious interfaces.” – Tim Huckaby
  • Professional Skills Evolution: “As all surfaces become interactive opportunities, a new set of place-based UX designers will be essential. This new class of professionals will integrate lessons learned from web-based UX design, architecture and trans-media storytelling to captivate, connect, delight and measure place-based audiences.” – Christine Outram
  • Multi-Sensory Communication:“In-store communication is a multi-sensory experience and ideally, those senses should align. The relationship between media and product is not always clear, but co-location makes it clear. The best interface is the one that already exists and strongly suggests that we should focus on natural interactions first.” – Jared Schiffman

Richard Lebovitz, educational and editorial director of Exponation LLC which produces DSE, says, “The Keynote ‘thought leadership’ panel is designed to provide insight into the many ways that advancements in technology will continue to inspire change in all aspects of designing and taking a product to market. These new insights should help attendees anticipate what will be required to communicate successfully going forward.”

Co-located with the Interactive Technology Expo and Digital Content Show, #dse2013 will present its three-day conference on February 26-28, 2013. The Exhibition Hall will open for two days on February 27-28, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Registration to attend the Thursday, 2/28 Keynote Panel address and any of DSE 2013 educational conference seminars is now open here.

About the panel members:

  • Curt Bailey – For the past 20 years, Curt Bailey has been the president of Sundberg-Ferar, one of the world’s first, and longest operating, industrial design consulting firms. Founded in 1934, Sundberg-Ferar leverages the power of design to develop unique and compelling value propositions for its clients’ products. Bailey oversees a team of design researchers, strategic planners, industrial designers, interaction designers, engineers and model builders. This multi-disciplinary team de-commoditizes products in a wide variety of industries including housewares, transportation, medical, recreational and consumer electronics. Bailey is named as primary inventor on scores of U.S. patents and has spoken at numerous events on innovation and design.
  • Tim Huckaby – Huckaby is an expert in the Natural User Interface – touch, gesture, voice and neural in Rich Client Software Technologies on a broad spectrum of devices that include large form factor screens, table computers, tablets, 3-D cameras and mobile devices. He founded InterKnowlogy, experts in custom application development and Microsoft Platforms in 1999 and has been called a ‘pioneer of the Smart Client Revolution’ by the press.
  • Christine Outram – Outram is an expert in creative strategy and design and initiatives that utilize ‘big data’ to create smart cities and new business ecosystems. She is a partner and creative director at Re:Imagine Group, working with the likes of the United Nations, the city of San Francisco, the city of Singapore and Nokia. She is also the founder of the global think-tank-for-hire – The City Innovation Group.
  • Jared Schiffman – Schiffman has worked at the intersection of design, computer science and education for more than two decades. His work fuses the physical world with the digital world and plays with relationships between the two. His projects are steeped in metaphor and gesture, and emphasize the power of experience over the distribution of information. Schiffman is the founder of Perch Interactive Inc., a new company intent on revolutionizing the retail environment with a brand new product called PERCH

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