Broadsign Product Review

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Josh Coffman over at the Digital Signage Forum has conducted an interesting and quite detailed product review of the Broadsign offering, in their own words…

This is a great way to start off our Digital Signage Reviews for 2008 and I think we are the only entity in the industry doing in-depth product reviews. This particular review has a comprehensive new rating system that better reflects the questions and answers that are discussed on our forum and this particular review is really helpful in reminding us what the anatomy of a digital signage campaign is.

They give the product a very high score (out of 100) which we think is (pretty much) deserved BUT such a high score does not give them anywhere else to go with other reviews (see also, Bill Gerba’s comment below about the DSF Premier Sponsorship)

They don’t mention that Broadsign is a PC only product either (but hey perhaps that is our ‘beef’ and no-one elses) – one of the two major reasons why Broadsign was beaten into third place in our top 10 by Cisco and EnQiii / Digital View Media was the device / appliance vs PC debate (number 1 reason was global coverage / support / offices / employee’s feet on the ground etc etc).

A SaaS only offering like Broadsign won’t be everyone’s cup of tea (we love the SaaS / ASP model and you know our mantra of “why buy when you can rent” so don’t particularly understand that) but the review is well worth a read and gives a very good introduction to the Broadsign suite and way of working.

2 Responses to “Broadsign Product Review”

  1. Bill Gerba Says:

    Just as a note – Broadsign is a major sponsor of the Digital Signage Forum, so treat that as a PAID REVIEW, and not necessarily an unbiased, independent analysis.

    It would have been prudent for the author to indicate as much, imo.

  2. Josh Coffman Says:

    It doesn’t take a sleuth to figure out that BroadSign is a sponsor. Nor does that have any bearing on their score. They have a solid product. Additionally, all reviews are paid, whether they are a sponsor or not. The cost of a review pays for the time to review- not a score. Our next review will be a completely different solution – an all in one unit (touchscreen display/media player/software) that has no additional costs beyond the initial purchase.

    I’d like to challenge you to put your solution up for review.

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