German Business Remains Upbeat on 2008 Prospects

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We believe that the German Digital Signage market will easily be the strongest in 2008 with bigger screen networks, more retail installations and much more innovation in Digital Outdoor (with the likes of Wall AG and Stroer) than anywhere else in Europe (Middle East not withstanding but that is another story).

We would go as far to say that the current Dutch and UK lead in screen network installation numbers will be whittled down and Germany will have caught up and overtaken by year end putting them in 1st position, Netherlands in 2nd, UK in 3rd and France in 4th.

Of course if you make a ‘prediction’ you are always on the lookout for material that backs up your claim and so we were delighted to see this GERMAN BUSINESS REMAINS UPBEAT ON 2008 PROSPECTS here.

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