National Bank Targets Travelers in Montreal

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

National Bank is using the AeroTV network composed of 84 flat screen televisions located in the Montreal-Trudeau Airport waiting areas and eight screens at Quebec Airport as part of a campaign to build awareness of the bank and its products.

The bank has been targeting travelers in a two phase campaign, largely in association with Astral products located at the terminus of Agence métropolitaine de transport (suburban trains) and Montreal-Trudeau Airport.

With its advertising agency DentsuBOS, Montreal, and in collaboration with the Transport division of Astral, the financial institution developed two large-scale campaigns. The first displayed on the AMT during the month of October aimed to promote the National Bank in the greater Montreal area. To do this, a strategy was developed around an exclusive promotion offered to users of public transit, a 35% discount on the cost of future auto insurance.

To reach a huge number of potential customers, National Bank dominated the bus terminals of Montreal city center and Longueuil, each of which is attended annually by over 24.3 million people. Transforming the environment of the users of these terminals were murals, banners, adhesives and floor covering columns. Train posters also accompanied workers who commute daily from suburbs to Montreal.

The second campaign underway at Montreal-Trudeau Airport, promotes the launch of the new card World MasterCard and its many benefits. In addition to the Aero TV screens, the bank is using murals, banners, a gazebo, dressing columns, banners and ValetPark. Moreover, for a period of two years, the National Bank will lend its color and name at the Airport VIP Lounge, located at the gate 53 of the international jetty, as Salon World MasterCard National Bank.

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