How They’ll Get My Number And Yours

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Last week we finished reading Stephen Baker’s book ‘The Numerati‘ – for those in our industry it is well worth a read, especially chapter two entitled SHOPPER.

Neil Lewis’s review over on Amazon sums up the book nicely, when he writes…

Companies, political parties, advertisers and individuals are harnessing the masses of data in our increasingly digitised world to know more about us than ever before. Businesses like Amazon and Google sift through our every click (and solicit our feedback) to find out more about us so they can customise what they sell us, both to keep us happy as customers and to increase their profits. Supermarkets use loyalty schemes to pinpoint their sales promotions to good prospects in increasingly elaborate ways. Political parties know who the floating voters are and what messages will make them vote for their policies. How do they do it, and what are the implications for our privacy? There are few technical details here, but this is a good introduction to the world of data mining.

Chapter 3 the VOTER is very US centric and if you are not a US citizen you might want to skim this section like we did.

Overall though a very good book and well worth a read.

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