Nice Dynamax Winter 2007 Newsletter

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Dynamax should have shouted a lot more about their Winter 2007 newsletter which they call PREVIEW (they will have distributed it to their channel of course) because it is actually quote good – click here to see it.

The main picture on the front page is of an ALTOONA LED Screen – probably taken in Italy or perhaps Portugal (obviously during the World cup) so not really Dynamax’s major sales region (Dynamax resell ALTOONA screens which is why Dynamax can lay claim to some of the big Outdoor Media Owners as customers in their marketing material) but the PDF contains some interesting information and is well worth a quick read.

I often think that the almost instant Web 2.0 way of business these days makes monthly or quarterly newsletter, perhaps not as useful as they used to be BUT if done properly (and this one is), it makes for a useful ‘stake in the ground’ statement of what the business has been doing and where they expect it to go.

Dynamax have appointed Donna Shaw, previously at HP, as Marketing and Communications manager and finally (it seems) officially made mention of Tom Nix opening up an office for them in New York – something we made mention of back in September 2007.

They are also looking for a couple of Sales Managers, a pre-sales consultant and a senior software support engineer and have or are about to instigate a PC hardware certification programme for their PNG software – which, if you rely on Windows based PCs for your solution, is probably the least you can do moving forward, bearing in mind the ever decreasing cost of commodity PC hardware.

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  1. Donna Shaw Says:

    Adrian – thank you for picking up our Newsletter and glad that you found it quite good. I have found DOOH a real inspiration for me over the few weeks I have been with Dynamax and I would love to be able to meet up with you in person so I may learn more about it. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Best Wishes, Donna Shaw

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