Two UK Networks Merge To Become GymslipTV

Chris Sheldrake

In what must rank as one of the weirdest ‘mergers’ for some time, news reaches us that SubTV and Gym ScreenMedia are to merge.

The new business is to be called Media 42 Group (not GymslipTV then?, Ed) and will be led by Subtv’s founder Peter Miles as CEO.

We don’t think that SubTV can have looked very hard for a buyer. Last week we reported that they had been up for sale for some time and then we hear that they have merged. Yet there were and are an obvious number of folks with like business – both at home and abroad, that would, a student union bar network, make a good fit with.

And what’s with the fascination with ’42’ – other than the obvious H2G2 reference?

The new name ‘Media 42 Group’ is far too similar surely to the German 42media Group

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  1. Jason Cremins Says:

    GymslipTV….I wonder where you got that one from 🙂

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