SubTV For Sale, One Careful Owner

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It appears that UK interactive entertainment channel, might have been put up for sale by its owner.

The interactive channel began broadcasting in Students’ Unions back in 2003 and now reaches 1.7 million students weekly – that’s 32% of all UK 18-24 year olds !!

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  1. David Weinfeld Says:

    SubTV could become an acquisition target for The University Network, whose parent company Submedia (leader in subway tunnel advertising) has international offices – including one in the UK. The University Network, which has a strategic content and sales partnership with NBC, has screens in over 280 universities in the United States. The Company touts itself as the leader in campus specific narrowcasting.

    With SubTV’s established footprint across UK universities and, what it appears to be, a well thought out content platform, it could be a turn key acquisition for Submedia and the University Network – as long as the technology is up-to-date and can be transferred to Submedia’s existing network. would also be a nice domain acquisition for Submedia.

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