Mediaweek says “Outdoor sector set for major shake-up”

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Sarah Crawley-Boevey in current issue of UK’s Media Week writes “Outdoor experts believe that the long-predicted consolidation of the sector will occur in 2008, with many medium-sized companies disappearing and more agencies taking outdoor planning in-house”

The full article, entitled “Outdoor sector set for major shake-up” is well worth a read.

In the article Richard Rowley has forgotten that he used to work for ScreenFX (is that something you would want to forget?) or to be fair, maybe the editor just missed it out but he is well quoted…

Richard Rowley, former head of Transvision at Titan and now head of media sales at ATM:ad, believes that businesses in the middle ground are the most vulnerable.

“The medium-sized contractors with traditional poster sites will either go to the wall or be bought out,” he said. “The bigger firms such as JCDecaux and Clear Channel can move in with massive deals and deliver more or less the whole solution.”

They only quote one other ‘expert’ in the article who isn’t named (I don’t like that).

I am sure that Posterscope and Kinetic would have something to say on some of the percentage share figures also quoted. Anyway, it’s well worth a read and covers traditional and digital out of home.

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  1. david Says:

    This year will see a lot of aquisitions in the dooh market.
    alot of companies have spent money on building their position. while at the same time struggled to initially make the vast profits that was earlier envisaged. now some media big boys are taking notice and will begin to take advantage of the precarious situation some companies are in.
    we all know that this is the future of media/advertising, we just have to see who has the biggest pen

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