Not Wanted By The Irish / Russians (Or Anyone Else For That Matter)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

You have to wonder just how worse it can get for Wireless Ronin Technologies Inc. (RNIN).

Despite the 1-for-5 reverse stock split in order to meet the minimum bid requirement to stay listed on NASDAQ, made at the tail end of November, the stock has continued to tumble.

On 17th December when the new share structure took effect, it immediately shed 20% of its value (closing that day at USD 1.77, equivalent to 37 cents pre-split).

Although there was a small rise in the days after, last Friday was another really bad day for them with the stock down 15% and closing at USD 1.82.

Would anyone like to bet how quickly it once again falls below the dollar mark?

5 Responses to “Not Wanted By The Irish / Russians (Or Anyone Else For That Matter)”

  1. Paddy Trotsky Says:

    Could the editor in chief enlighten those of us who have thus far failed to grasp the headline to the article?

  2. Robert DeNiro Says:

    Lemme help you out, jabroney. Ya see, there was a movie, it was called Ronin. It was a flop. I’m still pissed at my friggin agent. Here, read the description:

    I don’t know nothin about this company called Ronin, but looking at their stock trading history, it don’t look like they are settin the world on fire either. They may be settin their investors’ money on fire though! Ha, see I am good with comedy. Did you see Analyze This?

  3. Paddy Trotsky Says:

    Ah now me mind is at ease Roberto and I can return to analysing the vodka and Guinness. Bejayzus tis a grand canvas you painted.

  4. Robert DeNiro Says:


    Sounds like the New Year arrives in your neck of the woods a few hours before mine. But we seem to have similar supplies at the ready. Cheers, Paddy, to a great new year!

  5. Paddy Trotsky Says:

    Thanks Roberto, the Dom P is chilling as I write in the old world. Slainte!

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