#ISE2013 Daktronics Hall 8 Stand E170

Maddie Cotterill

It looks like #ISE2013 is going to be an exciting event for Daktronics, not only are they debuting a new product application in their booth, they are also part of RAI’s internal signage.

On their stand we understand that they will have the following: –

  • 6 millimeter pixel layout in Daktronics’ new street furniture application. This is allegedly an eye-level advertising solution for nearly any location. It provides the opportunity for timely information delivered conveniently to consumers moving through public spaces. This product is coupled with a weather-sealed power supply for ultimate reliability, network-compatibility for wireless content/schedule updating and world-class image processing for maximum viewability. It is equally compatible with third-party control and offers custom cabinets to match any branding strategy.
  • 6 millimeter pixel layout in a wall-mounted digital advertising application. We are told that this is a perfect solution for increasing advertising revenue in public spaces, commonly used alongside transportation and can double as travel information screens
  • 4 millimeter pixel layout display. This features tight-knit pixels for crystal clear picture a closer distances. The 4mm display will be set up in three panels, one main and two secondary side panels, similar to the setup at Screen Media Expo last year. This will allow Daktronics to showcase motion through multiple displays as well as control system based zoning of the display
  • Show Control System console. This will be accessible for attendees to get a first-hand look at the Daktronics control solution and its capabilities. With Show Control, users can design professional display presentations in the Content Studio feature, and then use the intuitive control features of the Display Studio function to switch between event-specific content and live video sources across multi-zone split screens and multiple displays for total event control. Through Show Control we’ll also be showing Moments of Exclusivity where all displays can be synchronized to play the same content at the touch of a button – a feature that not only benefits advertisers, but can also display public service announcements on the street or in a venue

The RAI signage being provided includes a 10mm double-sided display outside and a 6mm display by the entrance to Hall 8 for public information and announcements.

Daktronics can be found in Hall 8 Stand E170.

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