The Industry At #NRF

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

New York’s #NRF is too damn cold for us in January and far too close, and slap bang in the middle of our biennial trips to #CES and annual trip to #ISE2013 so bottom line we have still never been.

logo avnetReal Digital Media’s Ken Goldberg tells us that he has been at every #NRF since 1998 (barring one year) and that is surely some going.

It’s therefore not a surprise to learn that his company’s software offering NEOCAST, who have been represented in some way or other at the event since 2005, will once again be present. They will be on the Avnet stand #781 (same as last year).

In terms of the other vendors we know about..,

  • STRATACACHE have their own booth, stand #2523
  • YCD Multimedia will be on three booths; Retalix stand #2031, HP stand #161 and ELO stand #436
  • Scala will (also) be on HP stand #161

and we’d expect that visitors may also get to see Nanonation (via Dell).

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  1. Maria Says:

    Kudos to Ken Goldberg for being at every NRF show since 1998!

    OKI Data Americas is also a worthwhile booth to check out this year in C454. They’re a digital printing company and will be debuting lots of label/POS printing solutions for retail.

    I agree- NYC in January is way too chilly!

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