Panels United Launches 1st February

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Panels United claims to be the ‘first independent digital signage media agency in Europe’ but just how they figure that we aren’t quite sure.

These folks don’t own any screens (they call them panels) or a network, simply focusing on the media sales and launch this Saturday with the tag line ‘connecting advertisers to digital signage network operators’

Panels United is initially starting its operations in the Netherlands and from what we hear they already seem to have a lot of support from various Dutch digital networks.

Like everyone we guess, they later hope to expand their network to cover Europe and Asia.

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  1. Donald Says:

    Excellent news – there already exists such an option, but this is owned by Neo Advertising which means it is not totally neutral or objective as will focus on their technology deployments. Hopefully this objective agency can benefit all agencies in choosing the best network for their advertising campaigns.

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