HP To Monetize Augmented Reality Technology

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We heard last week that HP, which gave thousands of large and small brands its augmented reality technology for free for more than a year, is now planning to monetize the platform.

HP bought Autonomy in 2011 as part of a move into marketing software and services. Though allowing beta access to technology platforms at no cost isn’t new, Autonomy’s decision to give away Aurasma for free for such a long period isn’t usual. In Nov./12, HP announced it was writing off 80% of the $10.3 billion it paid for Autonomy, citing problems with Autonomy accounting.

Aurasma has partnered with entertainment, packaged goods and other consumer brands, using in-house creative production staff to help brands develop campaigns that turned print and outdoor ads into 3-D mobile-video experiences at no cost to advertisers and publishers, in exchange for assisting in promotion of the technology.

Now, after working with 15,000 ad partners on AR-enhanced mobile efforts, HP has plans to start charging for use of the Aurasma platform. The Aurasma technology connects print or outdoor ads to lively mobile experiences. What sets Aurasma apart is its ability to transform print ads viewed through a mobile device into 3-D images.

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