Baffling #ISE2013 Announcements

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Our lawyers have advised us not to use the word ‘idiot’ so let’s just start with a couple of broad terms such as ‘dumb’ and ‘stupid’ in this very short post.

It seems that #ISE2013 is going to be known for its raft of ill-advised announcements. We will go into these in more detail at the end of the week but just when we thought that Samsung’s Dumb Decision on Smart Signage couldn’t be beaten for brazen stupidity along come two other announcements that are equally as baffling and lacking of any thought (or even ‘spin’).

Yesterday ComQi announced a deal with Kramer for Minicom (not a ‘sell’ as we had heard rumour of) and then this morning, obviously not learning from pissing off its customers in North America with the launch of OpenService, we see AOpen Europe announce (wait for it) OpenService in Europe.

4 Responses to “Baffling #ISE2013 Announcements”

  1. Clive Sisyphus Says:

    Whilst each of the companies mentioned will have some sort of rationale for their announcement, each smacks of making the same mistake over and over and expecting different results. But what better venue to announce your triumph over common sense than ISE?

  2. Curious Observer Says:

    To an outsider this post reads as a riddle, or a puzzle. I am very intrigued to know exactly why Samsung Smart Digital Signage is dumb, as well as:
    why Comqi’s ‘deal’ with Kramer is stupid, and
    why OpenService by AOpen is pissing off clients
    The answers to these questions would make great posts.

  3. Jo Fritzl Says:

    SSDD for ComQi and Samsung: Same shit, different day! Will they ever learn? I doubt it, the blind leading the blind!

  4. Steve Says:

    Dumb post please provide with clear argument

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