JCDecaux’s Digital Management System RFI

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Most, but not all of our Top 10 Digital Signage vendors for 2009 received JCDecaux’s recent Digital Management System Request For Information (RFI) at the end of January.

Don Sperring, Group Digital Strategy Director at JCDecaux exclusively told us whilst we were in Amsterdam “We have run out an RFI to see what the market has to offer as our strategy is to consolidate our expanding digital footprint onto one management system”

We believe that the RFI has gone out to a broad spectrum of vendors both within the established digital signage market and beyond. Don added “we recognise that the market will evolve and the best fit may not necessarily be based on the current model”

This work promises to be an interesting review of the market which will undoubtedly influence JCDecaux’s long term strategy.

4 Responses to “JCDecaux’s Digital Management System RFI”

  1. PhilGo20 Says:

    I thought JC Decaux was using C-Nario most of the time…

    Interesting RFI !

  2. Matt Nelson Says:

    How do I get a copy?

  3. Sharon Allen Says:

    We would like a copy as well. Thank you in advanced.


  4. jeff berman Says:

    I would like a copy of the JCD RFI, we manufacture and sell a mesh LED display, FlexNet.

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