Panthers’ Advertising Seen in a Whole New Light

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

“From small acorns do might oaks grow” – it might not be much but it is a 9 month contract. Those folks at Windowgain are making a lot of noise, despite only have a few windows (so far) and only having been active in the UK for a few months.

They have just told us that they have agreed a 9 month advertising contract with the Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey Team (my son is a big ice hockey fan / roller hockey player so for once I do know who these folks are – errr and how much the playing equipment costs!!!).

The Panthers will advertise up and coming fixtures as well as promotional offers on the 2 existing Windowgain screens in Nottingham ((these are the screens utilising 3M’s rear projection film in the Savilles’ Estate Agents’ window and the Westfield Broadmarsh Screen).

Gary Moran the General Manager of Nottingham Panthers IHC said “The GMB Panthers already enjoy a high profile and within the sport of ice hockey we lead the way when it comes to finding new and different ways to promote ourselves. When I first saw the WindowGain screens I knew straight away that they would be a perfect fit for us. Our sport is fast and furious but it also exciting, colourful and pretty to watch. I can’t wait to see our product emblazoned across the WindowGain screens in Nottingham, I know before it starts it is only going to help strengthen the already strong brand that is the Panthers”.

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