Key Industry Players At viscom Düsseldorf 2013

Maddie Cotterill

327 exhibitors and 12,100 trade visitors saw new records set at last year’s viscom Frankfurt 2012. The event moves city every other year and changes it name; this year viscom düsseldorf 2013 takes place 7th to 9th November 2013.

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viscom Director Petra Lassahn told us “As in the previous years, we focus on two aspects: on the one hand, we bring together the right companies and target groups, on the other to offer a high-calibre supporting programme with examples of best practices to demonstrate the capabilities of visual communication.”

We believe that around 200 exhibitors to date have signed up, with 70% of the area in the viscom halls 8a and 8b of the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre already occupied.

The overall majority of exhibitors of course are the most important companies from the printing industry; Agfa Graphics, Canon, Epson, Fujifilm Sericol, Hewlett-Packard, Hexis, Igepa Group, Karl Gröner, Mimaki-nbn, Multi-Plot, Mutoh, Roland DG Benelux, Seiko Instruments or Spandex/Brunner BUT there are rumours that both LG Electronics and NEC Display Solutions may be participating,

The viscom World of Inspiration returns once again also – an area of the show which offers know-how and best practices in the form of, for instance, a materials exhibition, the nominated digital signage projects as well as a comprehensive lecture programme.

Last year, the highlight was the replica of a supermarket where exhibitors had the opportunity to present their new products in a true-to-life setting.

3 Responses to “Key Industry Players At viscom Düsseldorf 2013”

  1. James Matthews-Paul Says:

    I do not participate often in this esteemed organ, preferring to watch from afar, but must point out how woefully this ‘article’ is lifted from the originating press release.

    It is ropey journalistic practice to imply that statements have been made uniquely to the publication when they have not been. Sadly, Ms Cotterill does so throughout this piece:

    ‘viscom Director Petra Lassahn told us’ < She did no such thing
    'We believe that around 200 exhibitors' < You would be right to believe it, as it was clearly stated in the release ('About 200 exhibitors have registered')
    'BUT there are rumours that both LG Electronics and NEC Display Solutions may be participating' < These are not rumours; they are facts stated in the release ('From the digital signage segment, LG Electronics or NEC Display Solutions, for instance, will put their new products on display')

    The rest of the piece is copied and pasted from the original release, which interested followers can find here:

    I am sad to see the DailyDOOH weaken its particular brand of intelligence provision by swabbing the derrière of this one most barely and with the dryest of cloths, attempting to pass the result off as some form of exclusive news presentation.



  2. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    James, check with NEC Display Solutions as to whether they have a booth (or whether someone is just using NEC screens at the show).

  3. James Matthews-Paul Says:

    Typically it is up to the journalist to check the facts before publication – but Reed Exhibitions Deutschland’s rep was delighted to confirm to me this morning that NEC is, indeed, taking a stand, thus making it somewhere far from ‘rumour’.

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