Theatrical Debut of ‘Coraline’

Chris Sheldrake

These Storescapes(TM) from Inwindow Outdoor ran for a month in fourteen locations across seven major U.S. markets including NY, LA, Boston, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago and Washington D.C.

Jeff Cohen, Managing Partner of Inwindow Outdoor told us “We are continuously looking for new methods to enhance visibility and interactivity for our clients and create displays that are more memorable to the viewer. This national launch for Coraline featured some of the most exciting technologies ever used in advertising, let alone outdoor media, and it contributed to the successful opening.”

Displays in NY and Boston featured holographic images of ghost children floating inside the vacant storefront, other displays in NY, Miami, Chicago and Washington incorporated augmented reality technology superimposing images on pedestrians (onlookers saw their reflections with a virtual image, such as button eyes, covering their real eyes) and lastly, select locations in Chicago, LA, San Francisco and Miami featured elements that responded to human gestures, clearing away frost to reveal parents pleading for help.

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  1. David Weinfeld Says:

    Even though Inwindow pioneered the window-based outdoor advertising market, many of their previous digital campaigns were done in tandem with Monster Media. The partnership ended some time last year.

    I, for one, questioned whether or not Inwindow would be able to deliver comparable interactive campaign’s without Monster’s technological expertise. This campaign proves, in a resounding way, that Inwindow Outdoor has the innovative technology side covered.

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