Toronto Board of Trade Goes Digital with Onestop

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The Toronto Board of Trade has partnered with DOOH specialists Onestop Media Group, to launch its state-of-the-art Communication Display Network as part of the BoT’s 2009 strategic plan to modernize its community engagement efforts.

Along with its newly renovated downtown Toronto office space, the Board of Trade’s impressive digital storefront captures the attention of passers-by and engages the interest of those already inside.

“More than 3,000 people walk by our office in First Canadian Place on a daily basis,” says Carol Wilding, Board of Trade president and CEO. “Onestop’s Communication Display Network has helped us dramatically improve our ability to promote our partners and our members. Our vibrant, multimedia lobby display showcases their commitment to city-building and our commitment to innovation and technology.”

The Board’s main floor entryway features two channels; one that plays an animated sponsor loop with high impact across multiple Samsung screens; and another that displays timely and relevant information from the Board of Trade, National Post news, time, and weather.

Also located on all three floors of the Board of Trade facility are LCDs dedicated to welcoming and directing patrons by displaying meeting and event information.

With digital at the forefront of many businesses’ marketing and communication strategies this year, Michael Girgis, president, Onestop Media Group and president of the Canadian Out-of-Home Digital Association, says that the Board of Trade and Onestop together “celebrate the important role digital communications is playing in the 21st century with the launch of the Board’s ground-breaking Digital Display Network.

“In light of today’s economic, environmental and social realities, Onestop’s Board of Trade Network is demonstrating how digital technology helps companies streamline communications and marketing messages in real time, while minimizing carbon footprints and creating a modern, timely and relevant experience.”

Founded in 1845, the Toronto Board of Trade is Canada’s largest local chamber of commerce, connecting 10,000 members and a community of more than 200,000 business professionals and influencers throughout the Toronto region.

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