The World’s First 82” Weatherproof LCD

Chris Sheldrake

SANYO will, we believe, be showcasing the world’s first 82” weatherproof LCD screen at ScreenMedia Expo Europe in April.

Designed for use in bus shelters and shopping malls, this screen is supposedly a true outdoor unit with a robust, temperature regulating housing, and offering high protection for reliable performance even under the most adverse conditions.

We are told that it is capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -25C up to +40C and with good visibility even when viewed from extreme angles.

2 Responses to “The World’s First 82” Weatherproof LCD”

  1. What? Says:

    I think it’s a bit late announce the world’s first weatherproof 82″.
    There has been Symbicon, Conrac etc before Sanyo and even with better temperature ratings.

  2. Iain Campbell Says:

    Agree this announcement is nothing new Conrac had the 82″ outdoor display with built in dZine hardware offering full control at ISE. Looks like another me too!

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