NEW U.S. DOOH LED Network Planned

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

ABC Regional Sports & Entertainment Sales, a division of ABC National Television Sales Inc., and Branded Cities Network, a division of Phoenix-based EL Media Holdings USA, have signed an exclusive sales and marketing agreement that will enable them to collaboratively build a powerful Digital Out-of-Home LED Network in major cities across the U.S.

logo branded citiesThe announcement was made at the end of last week by John Watkins, president of ABC National Television Sales, and Steve Ellman, chairman and CEO of Branded Cities Network.

ABC Regional Sports & Entertainment Sales and Branded Cities Network will rapidly expand their respective digital signage assets, and join forces in marketing and selling advertising on their collective assets. In combination with BCN’s existing exclusive digital strategic alliance with Panasonic Corporation of North America, this new alliance between ABC and BCN will serve to further bolster the respective combined capabilities of the companies as a formidable growing force in the out-of-home industry.

“This strategic alliance with BCN will allow ABC to rapidly grow into key U.S. markets with the latest cutting edge technology from Panasonic. Branded Cities’ growth strategy and exemplary sales team mirrors those of ABC, creating a unifying team which will allow both companies to expand into several markets across the U.S., engaging as many consumers as possible,” saysJ Watkins.

Ellman says, “BCN and ABC teams intend to market their landmark signage assets in new and inventive ways featuring content that is relevant, entertaining and will provide consumers with an opportunity to engage.”

“We are certain that the combined signage platforms that feature our first-to-market, latest technology merged with ABC’s and Branded Cities’ creative development and selling strategies will be well-received by advertising agencies and marketers alike.” Says Jim Doyle, president of Panasonic’s Eco Solutions North America Division.

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  1. Jim Douglas Says:

    Hmmmm… Let’s think back to the not-so-distant past when ABC was tapped by Harris Corp. to also be the “Exclusive” sales rep for the 7-11 DOOH network. How’d that work out again? 😉

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