More #Dpbmedia Ads From Amscreen

Maddie Cotterill

Amscreen has, once again, been working with car manufacturer Kia to run a series of locally targeted campaigns via its own Adlive platform.

Westdrive press pic

The platform, launched last year, was developed in-house by Amscreen and gives local Kia dealerships the chance to personalise a national ad campaign on digital forecourt screens for their local marketplace.

The platform allows both motoring dealerships and retailers the opportunity to have a consistent brand presence nationally while provide local dealers and brand managers the opportunity to personalise the content for their markets.

We are told that Essex based Westdrive Kia has been using the Adlive service since it launched in 2012 and has seen it yield great results.

Andy Phillips – Dealer Principal, Westdrive Kia told us “For us, Adlive is a platform perfectly suited for our needs. With the screens placed in garage forecourts we know that 100% of viewers are motorists in a motoring frame of mind, which we can’t always be confident of with some of our other marketing. Also, because of its position at the till, it gets seen when motorists are thinking about running costs, so our value orientated messaging is catching them at just the right time”

Phillips continued, “In terms of simplicity of use, we don’t have to worry about print deadlines or creating the ad, as everything we need is already preloaded onto the system which we access via the Kia marketing extranet. All we do is choose the locations of screens we want in our local area and how long we want the ads to run for. Our specific dealer details feature in the ad to drive footfall and it is live within 24 hours. Most importantly, it is affordable, and we know it works as we’ve seen more people come through the door as well as additional traffic to our website.”

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