Dot One New Media (Portugal)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Nice name for a nice bunch of people!!! Dotonenewmedia will be over from Portugal at Screen Expo on stand C09.

We first came across them as they have been following up our work a few years ago with Cisco and the Portugese bank CGD in Lisbon.

Dot One New Media has been doing out-of-home advertising since about 2002 – initially they set up a company to manage and sell Washroom / Bathroom advertising.

Since then they have expanded into Petrol Stations, Super Markets, Cinemas, Shopping Centres, Concert Halls and Football Stadiums.

Their first DIgital Screen Media project was back in 2004 with Portugal’s largest petrol station chain.

They have now completed over 30 different screen media projects (most are small with less than 10 screens).

I guess you would best describe them as an Advertising, Communication and Creative company with project management and content production resources in-house.

They are not technology folks and would work with outside suppliers and partners for infrastructure installation and management.

They are over at Screen Expo in order to promote their Network Partner Program and we think they may well be worth many of you talking to.

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