Gigapixel Billboards? Why Not!

Guest Contributor, Bob Rushby

The Ministry of New Media (in conjunction with the DailyDOOH) will soon be hosting their second Thought Leadership Summit. The first one was in London this past May and the second one is next month in New York City.

Bob Rushby presenting at Video Walls Unplugged

Bob Rushby presenting at Video Walls Unplugged

The theme this time will be ‘Billboards Unplugged‘ – I’ve been asked to participate again, so I’m busy preparing and I decided that I would consider how one of my favorite topics ‘gigapixels’ is going to affect the future of billboards.

Affordable, practical-sized, gigapixel displays will mean large area billboards will be able to be installed just about anywhere. When I mean anywhere, that includes billboards at arm’s length from viewers. That will be a game-changer.

I’ve entitled my talk ‘Billboards at Ground Level‘ and I will be saying “say goodbye to boring megapixel electronic billboards AND get ready for gigapixel ones”.

If you are you going to be in New York on October 21 then you really ought to attend this event (you can register here). Hope to meet you there.

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