Arab Media Group Says Yes To

Chris Sheldrake

Good win for one of the companies we tipped you to watch in 2009, here we see the Arab Media Group choosing‘s Interactivity Suite to support (Arab Television Network) ATN’s participation-TV Venture including channels such as MTV Arabia.

Located in Dubai, AMG is the largest media conglomerate in the Middle East, comprising television, radio, print, online, and advertising companies.

Lars Lauritzsen, CEO of told us “The selection of our Interactivity Suite to be the enabling technology behind this high-profile project represents further recognition by the global media industry of the suite’s exciting potential. We are committed to helping AMG redefine the playing field for participation TV in combination with mobile marketing concepts.”’s Interactivity Suite comprises four software applications that enable audience members both to influence a television broadcast in real time and to interact with one another. Using it, media owners and advertisers can track consumers from medium to medium, communicate with them individually, and tailor content and advertising to suit them. Broadcasters also can use the Interactivity Suite to integrate user-submitted content into their programming.

Khadeeja Al-Marzooqi, general manager of AMG’s Arabian Digital Network told us “We are expecting a great response from our audience and ultimately a higher market share as a result both of the creative and the technology aspects of our participation-TV project and we wanted the best, most reliable, and most functional solution for enabling participation TV, which is why we opted for”

About Arab Media Group

Founded in March 2005, Arab Media Group (AMG) is the largest media organization in the UAE. Its business interests include nine radio stations, three newspapers, television, online, distribution, printing, events management and outdoor advertising. Its most recent ventures are the launch of MTV Arabia through its ATN subsidiary, and the launch of Virgin Radio.

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