SoloHealth And eHealth Partner

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

SoloHealth’s retail-based healthcare kiosks screens are being used to educate U.S. consumers on their health insurance options as the New Affordable Care Act open enrollment begins.

SoloHealth logoSoloHealth and eHealth Inc., parent company of eHealthInsurance, announced at the Health2.0 conference in San Francisco their strategic partnership to help expand consumer awareness and enrollment in individual, family and Medicare health insurance plans.

The partnership makes eHealth’s plan selection and comparison tools available, in selected geographies, to many of the more than 130,000 people who use the SoloHealth Stations every day across America. SoloHealth Station users will be able to easily explore their health insurance options via, the nation’s first and largest private online health insurance exchange.

This follows a recent announcement that Atlanta-based SoloHealth and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services had co-partnered to help promote awareness and information about the new Health Insurance Marketplace and

The new SoloHealth-eHealth partnership will help make insurance options more easily available and accessible to consumers engaging daily with SoloHealth Stations across the country. By spreading awareness and information, it will empower consumers to take control of their healthcare and find plans that fit their personal needs.

Beginning in 2014, the Affordable Care Act requires most individuals and families to have major medical health insurance that meets minimum federal standards or be subject to a tax penalty. Beginning Tuesday, Oct 1/13,, consumers around the country are able to shop for and enroll in 2014 health insurance plans meeting the coverage requirements of the Act, without fear of being declined for coverage based on pre-existing medical conditions. Coverage under new, reformed health plans may begin as early as Jan. 1, 2014.

eHealth Inc. operates eHealthInsurance, the U.S first and largest private health insurance exchange where individuals, families and small businesses can compare health insurance products from leading insurers side-by-side and purchase and enroll in coverage online. eHealthInsurance offers thousands of individual, family and small business health plans underwritten by more than 200 of the nation’s leading health insurance companies. eHealthInsurance is licensed to sell health insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. eHealth also provides powerful online and pharmacy-based tools to help seniors navigate Medicare health insurance options, choose the right plan and enroll in select plans online through and

Consumers using SoloHealth Stations an average of 4.5 mins. per session with the kiosk. There are currently 3,200 SoloHealth Stations in the U.S. market.

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