Successful #everywhereUR OAAA Ad Week Campaign

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Remember the #everyWhereUR campaign that was run by the Out-of-Home Advertising Association of America in anticipation of the 10th Annual Advertising Week in New York September 23-27?

OAAA-red_Gill_titlealt2The OAAA and its members launched that OOH campaign to spotlight the power of the medium, especially its influential relationship to social media. Beginning the week of September 16, the #everywhereUR campaign could be seen on billboards, bus shelters, and other OOH formats across Manhattan and the US.

And through Advertising Week, the public was urged to tweet photos of themselves using the hashtag #everywhereUR. Each tweet would have a chance to end up on a billboard in Times Square.

Well, we’ve now seen some results:

  • During the two-week campaign, more than 450 tweets were sent using the hashtag #everywhereUR;
  • Nearly 200 photos were posted in Times Square, and keepsake photos were tweeted back to users;
  • And according to Hashtracking, a service that allows users to track the use of hashtags and provides analytics, the #everywhereUR campaign reached 274,671 social media users and made a total of 436,672 Twitter impressions over two weeks.

Not too bad for a campaign with minimal colourful artwork and no direct selling premise, me thinks!

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