#TOIgnite Canada Gets Juiced

Maddie Cotterill

Ayuda Media Systems is all set to bring the Cerebro Out-Of-Home Media Plan Optimization Engine to Canadian Operators, along with its Juice OOH audience-based media sales app.

This means that Canadian Operators who use Juice will be able to create GRP based proposals and plans, optimised according to any set of geographic and demographic constraints, directly from within the avails engine and proposal generator.

Ayuda launched Cerebro earlier this year and has been introducing it to markets where OOH is sold using audited audience data. Until now, Cerebro has been available to the US market using TAB OOH Ratings data, and in the UK using Route data – recently, Ayuda enhanced Cerebro with the ability to ingest any source of audience data, which has paved the way for its introduction into Canada, Ed.

Cerebro and Juice snap onto Operators’ existing inventory and scheduling tools, making it easy for the Operator to enhance sales capabilities without having to replace any of their existing operational software.

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