RMG Networks Debuts Solution for Digital IC Management

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Dallas-based RMG Networks, provider of technology-driven video advertising and visual communications solutions, has announced the release of the RMG Digital IC Solution (Digital Internal Communications), a digital end-to-end enterprise solution for employee communications.

logo_rmg-networks_fullblk-01The RMG Digital IC Solution supports internal information flow within companies and promotes strong employee communication by delivering content to displays in offices anywhere in the world from a single platform.

In today’s connected business, communication from management generates value and competitive advantage by delivering messages directly to employee screens and connected networks.

Surveys show that internal communication programs increase employee engagement and job satisfaction, leading to higher brand value, better customer service and increased shareholder value. Recently, Towers Perrin found that public companies with excellent records in motivating staff generate average annual returns almost 10% greater than the S&P 500 Index.

Encompassing a complete suite of hardware, software — including RMG Enterprise Server — business applications and services, RMG Digital IC simplifies the management of internal communications programs, regardless of the number of locations and team members that need to be reached. Custom content can be easily created and delivered to thousands of endpoints whether they are in office common areas, on desktops or mobile devices in the field. RMG Digital IC enables messages to be delivered multiple times on different screens to employees, assuring absorption of the information.

“Each of our employees is an ambassador for the company, so it is vital that we keep everyone fully appraised,” says Stefan Fischer, editorial and information manager, group communications at Roche. “It’s a digital world and RMG helped us create our global solution in multiple languages and which allows us to keep fresh, informative and up-to-the-minute content that retains employee interest.”

Another client, Leslie McBride, AutoTrader Group employee communications manager, says, “Investing in RMG Networks’ digital signage ensured that we had a powerful new internal communications tool to keep our employees informed. It’s become a trusted resource by employees and leaders alike, and we appreciate the ability to use dynamic visuals to highlight key internal messages. As our business continues growing, we’re excited about using digital signage to provide real-time, consistent messages to geographically disparate offices.”

“The evidence is clear that companies who value employee communications achieve competitive advantage,” says Stephen Nesbit, chief marketing officer, RMG Networks. “Engaging employees leads to higher internal productivity, higher customer satisfaction, increased sales and higher shareholder returns. RMG Digital IC was created to drive higher levels of engagement and produce tangible benefits for stakeholders.”

Last month, RMG Networks and Ragan Communications, publisher of corporate and internal communications, teamed to launch the Digital Internal Communications Alliance. The alliance is a coalition of prominent companies focused on providing digital solutions for internal communications, thought leadership, and best practices for enterprises and human resources professionals from solutions providers, communications associates and content producers.

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